Dev Kumar Sunuwar, a journalist and law practitioner in Nepal, has extensively covered international human rights and issues concerning Asian Indigenous Peoples across national, regional, and international forums, as well as in various media outlets. He possesses a vast network and hands-on experience in advocating for the rights and addressing the issues of Asian Indigenous Peoples.

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    My name is Dev Kumar Sunuwar. I was appointed by UN Secretary-General António Guterres to the advisory Board of Trustees of the UN Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Peoples (UNVFIP) for a three-year term, from January ...

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    Dev Kumar SunuwarAttorney and Journalist Kathmandu, Nepal [email protected] (Email)(+977)-1-9841-666831(Mobile)devsunuwar7 (Skype)(+977)9841666831 (Viber/Whatsapp)Dev Kumar Sunuwar serves as an advisor to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, representing Indigenous Peoples from the Asia-Pacific region on the UN Voluntary Fund for ...

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