multi-grade and multi-level teaching is the best ways to ensure quality education

Nepal has made a commitment to provide 'education for all, ensuring access to complete, free and compulary education but still access to education is far distance dream. 

Lately, government of Nepal also adopted multi-grade and multi-leval/class teaching, as a temporary adjustment to the international commitments for Education for All. This has been implemented “as a combination of classes or to cover the basic teacher absent classroom, and not in the true sense of the concept. Multi-grade and multi-level education means teaching of students of different ages, grades and abilities in the same group, says Winfred Oman, an education expert at Child Aid Network, Germany. 

First came in 1986 as a tourist, Winfred Oman in 2015 came back to Nepal as a teaching expert for helping teachers in multi-grade and multi-level, special education system to educate young children in Nepal. The aim is to help children learn themselves through pactice.

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