Need for proper protection of Indigenous knowledge system and genetic resources

Reynaldo Morales was born in Peru, developing an extensive career as investigative journalist, educational media producer and documentarian assisting and empowering Indigenous learning communities. Currently, he lives in United States, pursuing PhD.  His research highlights the shifts in science and environmental research related to the restoration of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the protection of Indigenous cultural and genetic resources. 

Reynaldo was in Kathmandu for his field research on the issues and protection of genetic resources and for the Restoration of indigenous knowledge systems. The discourse on protection of intellectual property, protection of genetic resources is important as these days indigenous peoples are facing the threat of genetically modified seeds. Besides, there is need for protecting seeds, cultural heritages and rights of Indigenous Peoples, says Renaldo. In this interview, Reynaldo shares experience about genetic resources, biological diversity, intellectual property, food sovereignty and use of media for indigenous peoples.

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