Protecting Right to Development in Nepal

Siddharth Akali is a consultant at Accountability Counsel. Siddharth is a licensed lawyer in British Columbia, Canada. He represented Indigenous governments in disputes with large energy companies and different levels of Canadian government. 

In this program, Siddharth talks about how Accountability Counsel, together with the Lawyers’ Association for Human Rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples (LAHURNIP), supported communities in the Sindhuli District in Eastern Nepal who are affected by a World Bank-financed high-voltage transmission line. Nepalese armed police forces have violently beaten and arrested peaceful protesters, and the World Bank was complicit in a cover-up of those abuses. Our work ensured a full compliance investigation by the World Bank Inspection Panel that documented the violations of Bank policy.

Indigenous, Dalit, and other local communities have serious concerns about the health, safety, and economic impacts of the Khimti-Dhalkebar 220 kV Transmission Line, a high-tension transmission line. People with land and structures directly under the route were not informed about the project or consulted on its implementation.

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