South Africa's Indigenous Peoples Fight for Recognition says Shaldon Ferris

Out of South Africa's 59 million people, only about 1% are Indigenous Peoples. These communities, known collectively as the Khoisan (San and Khoikhoi), face struggles for recognition and land rights.

The San people, like the ‡Khomani San of the Kalahari, are traditionally hunter-gatherers. The Khoikhoi, like the Nama in the Northern Cape, were herders. Today, their lifestyles are diverse.

Apartheid created the "Coloured" category, which many Khoisan people were classified under. Now, with apartheid gone, many are reclaiming their San or Khoikhoi identities.

Despite a UN resolution on indigenous rights, South Africa hasn't fully embraced these protections for the Khoisan. Land rights are a major issue. Dispossessed during colonization, they were initially excluded from land restitution efforts. Though a 2013 amendment allowed them to claim land, a 2019 court ruling put them back in line behind earlier claims. This means their historical land claims remain unaddressed for decades to come. 

Shaldon Ferris (Khoisan) talks to Dev Kumar Sunwar, he began in media with music videos. A journey to explore his Khoi heritage sparked his work with Indigenous Peoples. He now coordinates Indigenous Rights Radio, while his award-winning community radio show thrives on audience interaction.